Saturday, December 16

what would russell do?

Every Saturday I check the Globe and Mail style section to see what Russell Smith has to say about men's style.

I've been a fan of Russell's for some time and find his style advice hits all the right notes. People may say that he's too stiff, too strict or just too much of a dandy, but I think he's providing a valuable service. Growing up men aren't taught what to wear, thier mothers dress them, then girlfriends, then wives. When in a position to dress themselves, they are often lost, me included.

I like to think I dress reasonable well, but when in doubt, I'll ask myself what would Russell do? Actually, since the brillant gift of Russell's book that I received last christmas (thanks to the yellowknife moms), I can always flip through the chapters to find out what he would do. For the record, baseball hats don't exist in Russell's world. Also, the cargo shorts, flip flops, quirky-tee, and baseball hat "boy" uniform is explicitly banned. In Russell's world, you're a man, dress like one. Oh yeah, buy an iron.

It's nice to know that as a student, Russell has granted me an exemption, but once law school's done, Russell's book and I will be going suit shopping.

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